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Ever since I was a child, I have had a gift for taking the objects around me and transforming them for other purposes – whether for play, art or functionality. An old binocular case became a purse, a cloth napkin became a doll dress, a broken light fixture became a hanging planter. These childhood expressions of creativity evolved into a lifelong passion for repurposing everyday objects to give them a new and vibrant life, imbued with color and a whimsical attitude. As an adult, my training in fine arts, music and theater helped me develop these talents more fully and gave me broad exposure to the principles of design and environmental aesthetics. Throughout the years, I’ve been able to apply those skills to every job I’ve ever had, from real estate staging, to store display coordination to restaurant ownership.  Now a self-described “ambiance architect,” my mission is to help clients not just reorganize their space and make it more functional, but to work with them to repurpose, refurbish and reinvigorate existing or scavenged items that reflect their personality and bring color, comfort and delight to their environment.


Re - Claim. Re - Invent. Re - Imagine. Re - Design.          Renata.

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